Nomad PostBox
Physical to virtual mail delivery!

Meet Nomad PostBox

Handeling physical mail/letters while not being tied to one address is sometimes very painful that is why we want to make it easy

No matter where you go, Nomad Postbox got your mail

Go travel, be free, be happy thats what we like :)

We are in the era of remote work! If you just need a address to recieve a letter to easily as a one time thing or if you are in a foreign country or whatever your reason is to get a address to recieve physical mail to, No worries Nomad Postbox got your back.

Our features

We want to make recieving letters easy nomather where you are


Pick the country you want, currently we have addresses in europe.

Easy to use

We will simply email you the letters so you can read them when you want


Do you love Nomad Postbox and want to tell your friends? We will ofcourse give you a treat for this


Our job is not to sell your data to thirdparties, our job is a recieving letters and emailing them to you, We even let you choice the name on the envolope.


Get an address in Malta.

Romania Address

Get an address in the european capital of Bucharest, Romania

Swedish Address

Get an address in sweden.

10 € per month

No hassle, just simple letters
100% cash back if your not happy

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How it works

We want it to be as simple as possible both for you and for us so thats why we offer the best solution for you to recieve a physical letter and read it in your email client

  • We recieve the letter
  • We scan in the letter
  • We email you the letter
  • We physically destroy the letter
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Pick your name and location

Use multiple addresses and names with your account
Nomadpostbox.com web interface

What are you waiting for?

Let Nomad Postbox help you with a hassle free address that fits your letters :)